[THE LAB by blanc doux] Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Calming+ Lotion 150ml

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  • A hydrating lotion designed to help support your skin barrier while supplying it with much needed hydration
  • Featuring Blanc Doux's signature low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (1,500 ppm) for greater and deeper absorption into the skin where it can work its moisturization magic
  • Formulated to be weight in texture, helping it to be absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving behind any stickness.
  • Includes 'Derma-Clera', a skincare solution that addresses the problem of moisture loss through evaporation; it prevents that.
  • Clinically tested to have excellent results in the areas of skin barrier improvement, skin hydration levels, skin pH level balancing, prevention of moisture evaporation, and skin sensitivity