Thanks for taking the time to learn about the store that bears my name. 

I started this shop for people that want to shop online, from a great selection of American made, and Ethically sourced goods, without compromising their commitment to quality, community, or the planet. This is not about "fast fashion" but about supporting makers and artisans. 

My goal is to help take the guesswork out of your choices, and let you shop items that will last and bring you joy!

When I find a supplier with a cause, that gives back and supports a community, I try and bring those items to my store for you. Shop with confidence that you are supporting real artists and craftspeople, and not big-box-store factories. 

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!


& if you are wondering how to pronounce it:

Shri (rhymes with tree) & sa-da (rhymes with tostada)

Some Shipping info:

Item are shipped out from the makers themselves directly to you. Most of my suppliers ship Monday-Friday during regular business hours. If the item is made to order, and many of the items I sell are made by the artisans only once you order, then please allow extra time for them to handcraft your unique item before they can ship.  

This is not about fast fashion, if it was I would just sell you garbage from a sweatshop. This is about real clothing made by folks trying to make a difference, and make you look good!

Thanks for sharing my vision, for looking good, and for doing good!



Need to reach me?

Send me an email at info@shrisada.com