Capsule Wardrobe Builder!

Capsule wardrobes are not new, but they are more popular than ever. For good reason too!  They make it easy to have a versatile look, with minimal effort.  

With a capsule, its all about the basics. Combine classics items that wont go out of style, in color combinations that are interchangeable.

Its not about the latest trend and fast fashion, its about looking good and focusing on quality pieces that will last for years!

Here is your basic recipie: 1 trench coat, Denim, & or a Moto Jacket - 1 or 2 sweaters- 3 to 5 t-shirts- 2 or 3 button upshirts or blouses- 2 jeans in different styles- 1 or 2 dresses or skirts- 1 or 2 slacks- basic shoes like sneakers, heels, loafers & boots. Dont forget some accessories to bring it all together and make it your own!

I have gatherd some basics for you to get started with here. Of course, my store is filled with much more choices so find the right items for you. And as always, most of my pieces are MAde in the USA, or Ethically Imported, so you can shop with confidence.